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'No turning back now': The inside story of James Comey's trip to Trump Tower  CNN

Josh Campbell is a CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI supervisory special agent. His bureau career assignments included serving as special ...

Fact check: Trump makes six false claims in tweets on why he shouldn't be impeached  CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump made a three-tweet argument Friday morning about why he should not be impeached, touting what he said were his ...

President Trump Wages War on Government and Expertise, and Our Institutions Surrender  The New Yorker

Masha Gessen on President Trump's contempt for government and expertise, manifested in the Supreme Court order clearing d the way for extreme restrictions ...

Trump Wants Big Diplomatic Wins. Here Are the Odds.  The New York Times

John R. Bolton has left the Situation Room — and has left a series of gambles behind that President Trump must manage between now and Election Day.

With Markers and Straws, Trump’s Campaign Sells Defiance as a Lifestyle  The New York Times

Trump-branded products celebrate the president's urge to fight back.

Democrats Get Closer To Serious Field Of Trump Challengers  NPR

Something happened this week that was hard to pin down, but it was palpable. Not the contrast of night and day, but perhaps the difference between dusk and ...

Trump Has Tamed the G.O.P. (for Now)  The New York Times

Why is the president so obsessed with party loyalty?

How Trump may bulldoze 'America's Amazon'  CNN

Proposals backed by President Trump to open up the Tongass National Forest, the biggest in all of the US, to renewed logging are opening a new fight in a very ...

Commentary: Trump, the mad negotiator | Commentary  Charleston Post Courier

In the “fire and fury” phase of Donald Trump's presidency, everyone worried that he'd impulsively start a war with North Korea.

Trump Is Not Well  The Atlantic

During the 2016 campaign, I received a phone call from an influential political journalist and author, who was soliciting my thoughts on Donald Trump. Trump's ...

Trump’s Only Real Weakness Is His Style  National Review

Donald Trump has overall done an excellent job as president, and he would be a shoo-in for reelection if not for his brash, confrontational style.

Trump's controversies show his presidency is really all about himself  CNN

Donald Trump's latest controversies make his presidency look more than ever like a vehicle for self-justification, self-preservation and self-enrichment.

Trump Pressed Top Aide to Have Weather Service ‘Clarify’ Forecast That Contradicted Trump  The New York Times

At the president's request, Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, told Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, to have the Weather *Service* say it ...

White House prepares gun proposals, but where Trump stands is unclear  The Washington Post

The White House is preparing to roll out its plan to reduce gun violence next week, even as President Trump remains conflicted behind the scenes on what ...

Trump’s war on truth just got a lot more cult-like  The Washington Post

*Fresh* examples emerge of Trump's battle against facts and information.

Alabama is the newest front in Trump's war on truth  CNN

What story sums up our political and media worlds on 9/9/19? This one: Brave government employees are standing up to Trump's unbelievable claims about ...

Trump and John Bolton clashed over Iran sanctions before ouster  New York Post

Donald Trump and Former national security advisor John Bolton reportedly clashed about United States sanctions on Iran the day before Bolton's ouster.

It's nearly impossible to track all the scandals swirling around Trump  CNN

Monday was another Fifth Avenue day for President Donald Trump. His boast in 2016 that he could shoot someone on the New York boulevard and not lose a ...

With the Faithful at Trump’s North Carolina Rally: ‘He Speaks Like Me’  The New York Times

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Rick Myers traveled from central California — 2,861.9 estimated miles, according to a sign he was carrying — to arrive more than seven ...

Trump is failing on trade policy | TheHill  The Hill

Trump's obsession with trade deficits is misplaced.

Trump claims he'll release 'extremely complete' financial details  POLITICO

President Donald Trump on Monday claimed he plans on releasing an "extremely complete" report of his financial record, but he offered no specifics and a ...

Trump warns of new 'very tough' stance on Venezuela amid growing tensions  ABC News

After months of political chaos, increasingly tight U.S. sanctions, and the threat of military force, President Donald Trump is warning of a "very tough" new stance ...

Trump’s one good 2020 poll just turned against him  The Washington Post

Trump did pretty well in the last Washington Post-ABC poll. This one, not so much.

The 43 most out-there lines from Donald Trump's North Carolina rally  CNN

President Donald Trump traveled to Fayetteville, North Carolina, on Monday night in hopes of dragging state Sen. Dan Bishop across the line in today's hotly ...

Trump delivers bizarre speech in Baltimore during Democratic debate  Vox.com

While the Democratic presidential candidates debated in Houston on Thursday night about environmental policy, the role of racism in American society, health ...

Why the man Trump once called ‘my African American’ is leaving the GOP  PBS NewsHour

Gregory Cheadle, the black man President Donald Trump once described at a rally as “my African American,” is fed up. After two years of frustration with the ...

Kevin McCarthy thinks patronizing Trump’s business is no biggie. He’s wrong.  Vox.com

Why lining Trump's pockets is uniquely corrupt, explained for the House minority leader.

We Will Never, Ever Be Rid of Donald Trump  The New York Times

House Democrats are inching closer to a formal impeachment inquiry, as if that's how best to exorcise Donald Trump from the body politic. Mark Sanford just ...

How Trump's TV obsession has defined his time in the White House  CNN

New York Times chief television critic James Poniewozik asserts that Donald Trump's evolution as a "TV character" was a critical aspect of his ascent to the ...

This is what Trump's Cabinet looks like right now  CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump's third national security adviser, John Bolton, tendered his resignation on Tuesday, marking the latest departure ...

Donald Trump sure has a strange way of commemorating 9/11  CNN

Empathy has never been a strong suit for Donald Trump. Even as President, he tends to see everything through a simple lens: Me, me, me and how does this ...

Donald Trump's Alabama obsession reveals a very deep flaw  CNN

As Hurricane Dorian strengthened over the Atlantic and spun toward the Carolinas on Thursday, the President of the United States took to Twitter with a ...

Donald Trump's 'Summer of Winning' video is a loser  CNN

On Tuesday, the White House released a nearly two-minute video titled "The Summer of Winning" that documented a series of alleged -- you guessed it!

The GOP is canceling primaries to help Donald Trump  CNN

Not sure if you heard the breaking news but, well, the 2020 Republican primaries are canceled!

Exclusive: Michael Cohen is interviewed for probe into Trump Organization  CNN

Prosecutors with the New York district attorney's office interviewed Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen in recent weeks as part of their ...

Trump floats possible defense treaty days ahead of Israeli elections  Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he had spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about a possible mutual defense treaty between ...

Air Force says it sent crews to Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times  POLITICO

The U.S. Air Force has lodged crews at President Donald Trump's Scotland resort up to 40 times since 2015, a figure that is far higher than previously known.

Let Trump Destroy Trump  The New York Times

The Democratic nominee, whoever it turns out to be, should use the president's contortions and carrying-on against him.

Trump Hits the Panic Button  The New York Times

Why is he calling for emergency monetary stimulus? Politics.

Cooper throws shade at Trump's light bulb comment  CNN

CNN's Anderson Cooper draws attention to President Trump's comments in Baltimore on Thursday, in which he blamed light bulbs for making him look orange.

Washington Post editor defends reporters from Trump's 'dangerous' attacks  CNN

The editor of the Washington Post says President Trump's latest insults against two Post reporters are "unwarranted and dangerous."

Trump intel chief subpoenaed for blocked whistleblower complaint  Quartz

What is Trump's acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire trying to hide?

Trump shows voters his true colors  CNN

President Donald Trump tried to explain his agitating approach to life, politics and the rest of the world in a flash of impatience during a blustery news conference ...

Democrats play to Trump's ego on guns | TheHill  The Hill

President Trump is facing a make-or-break moment on gun control amid growing pressure for him to lay out “guidelines” for what he would back.

A Trump social network readies for launch  POLITICO

His campaign plans to launch its own app soon, professionalizing its operation to track “the army of Trump” and keep supporters donating, volunteering and ...

Juan Williams: Trump's dangerous insecurity about Obama | TheHill  The Hill

OPINION: It is time for all sides to pay attention to the power of Trump's lies.

Trump’s fall: More rallies, more promises, more Dem attacks  POLITICO

The president is transitioning to his happy place: in front of thousands of adoring fans on the campaign trail.

Trump campaign to counter Dems' debate by flying massive banner blasting socialism  ABC News

At the debate in Houston, Trump's campaign is taking to the skies with an anti-socialism banner.

Trump's Secretly Planned Taliban Talks Are Met With Bipartisan Backlash  HuffPost

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are speaking out against President Donald Trump's now-canceled peace talks with Taliban leaders at Camp David, which ...

Here's why Trump's approval rating is slipping  CNN

President Donald Trump's approval rating has slipped to 38% among Americans, with 56% disapproving of Trump's job performance, according to an ABC ...

Dems see Trump’s alleged self-dealing as new path to impeachment  POLITICO

House Democrats have spent months trying to make obstruction of justice charges stick against President Donald Trump as they build a case for impeachment.

Democrats, forget Mueller. Here's what could really impeach Trump  CNN

Elie Honig writes that if Democrats want to impeach Trump, they should focus their energies on his potential Emoluments Clause violations and use of the ...

Psst! Don’t Tell Trump  The New York Times

A president who can't be trusted is degrading American intelligence gathering.

Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Water Protections  The New York Times

The administration is expected to complete the repeal of a major Obama-era regulation that put limits on chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands ...

Trump's whiplash week  POLITICO

President Donald Trump offered a head-spinning range of policy positions this week, contradicting aides and even himself multiple times on gun control, tax cuts ...

Trump's New Math: Inside the Plan to Flip Blue States in 2020  TIME

When President Donald Trump steps on stage for a campaign rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico next week, even his own campaign staffers know he will be ...

Getting Trump's attention  Washington Examiner

President Trump doesn't like long spiels from anyone, including his close advisers, at White House sessions. He has a short attention span if he thinks he's ...

Trump skeptical of using foreign spies to collect intel on hostile countries, sources say  CNN

President Donald Trump has privately and repeatedly expressed opposition to the use of foreign intelligence from covert sources, including overseas spies who ...

Fox News Has the Power Over Trump  The Atlantic

The president's recent attacks on the network barely registered inside its headquarters.

Trump's contradictions hit a fever pitch  CNN

Washington (CNN) Something is eating at President Donald Trump. Another exhausting day of the indefatigable commander in chief's compulsive seizing of the ...

Trump's Going to Manipulate the Government to Stay in Power  The Daily Beast

The president has given us ample signs that he will use the powers of the presidency in ways previously unimaginable. How come Democrats seem so relaxed ...

Trump’s Vague Plans on Homelessness  The New York Times

The president has noticed that people are living on the streets in California. Solutions are unlikely to follow.

President Trump daily job approval for September 12, 2019  YouGov US

After asking about President Trump's job performance, YouGov asks panelists to rate tweets originating from the President's personal twitter account. Please ...

The Real Donald Trump Is a Character on TV  The New York Times

On Sept. 1, with a Category 5 hurricane off the Atlantic coast, an angry wind was issuing from the direction of President Trump's Twitter account. The apparent ...

Trump's tariff delay and expected Fed rate cut boost the market  Detroit Free Press

U.S. stocks continued their hot start for September, rallying on potential progress in trade negotiations between the United States and China.

Trump went golfing as Hurricane Dorian threatens US  CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump spent Monday visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, and tweeting political grievances as a ...

Trump Asserts He Can Force U.S. Companies to Leave China  The New York Times

The president cited a national security law from 1977 that has never before been used to cut economic ties with a major power in a trade dispute.

A rattled Trump scrambles for victories ahead of election  CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump has become increasingly rattled over the potential of an economic downturn and is spinning to find victories to sell ...

Trump’s Wacky, Angry, and Extreme August  The New Yorker

Susan B. Glasser writes about President Donald Trump's incendiary Twitter feed during the month of August.

Six weeks, 328 false claims. Breaking down Trump's dishonesty  CNN

We've been tracking all of President Donald Trump's false claims since July 8, from the big lies to the small exaggerations.

Trump’s invitation to the Taliban was disgraceful. So was Republican silence about it.  The Washington Post

Republicans have no excuse to continue supporting a president as dangerous as this.

Trump’s Twitter War on Spelling  The New York Times

The president's supporters don't mind his linguistic slips, but lexicographers and grammarians worry about the permanent effect on language.

House Dems investigate Pence stay at Trump's Doonbeg, Ireland resort  Fox News

House Democrats are investigating Vice President Mike Pence's decision to stay at President Trump's golf resort in Doonbeg, Ireland, claiming the move could ...

Trump's Acting National Security Adviser Said Nuclear War With USSR Was Winnable  HuffPost

President Donald Trump's acting national security adviser, former Reagan administration official Charles Kupperman, made an extraordinary and controversial ...

We're starting to see the scale of Trump's personal corruption — and it's massive  Salon

Mandatory stops at Trump resorts are the tip of the iceberg. This president has been "wetting his beak" all along.

Trump’s Reckless Attack on Automakers Could Backfire  Slate

The Trump administration must be made to answer for this wild, reckless, and seemingly lawless decision.

Taliban Visits Moscow Days After Trump Says Talks 'Dead'  Military.com

MOSCOW (AP) — A negotiating team from the Taliban arrived Friday in Russia, a representative told The Associated Press, just days after U.S. President ...

Trump Backs Down, Again and Again  The New York Times

In the face of protest or pushback, the president reverses himself.

White House sets the record straight after CNN reports Trump mishandled classified information  Yahoo News

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders weighs in on CNN's reporting that President Trump mishandled classified information that led to the CIA ...

Air Force leaders order probe of Trump resort stays  POLITICO

The U.S. Air Force has ordered a world-wide review of how it chooses overnight accommodations on long flights following revelations that air crews had ...

Trump’s lost summer: Aides claim victory, but others see incompetence and intolerance  The Washington Post

When President Trump presided over the battle tanks and fighter jets, the fireworks and adoring fans on July 4, he couldn't have known that the militaristic ...

Hurricane Dorian Politics Shows Trump Focusing Again Just On His Base  NPR

Many heads got scratched this week when President Trump doubled down on his erroneous claim that Alabama had been in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Dems eye payback against Trump’s immigration tactics  POLITICO

A fight with Trump over his border wall, however, could fracture the Democratic caucus.

The 39 wackiest lines from Donald Trump's freewheeling G7 press conference  CNN

Before leaving France -- and the G7 conference -- behind, President Donald Trump took questions from the White House press corps. It was a typical Trump ...

Trump's fired assistant got a lucky break  CNN

Madeleine Westerhout was reportedly dismissed for over-sharing about the Trump family, people familiar with her ouster have told several news outlets.

Trump’s obsession with crowd sizes, explained  Vox.com

Trump's latest tweets about his New Hampshire rally continue his obsessions with crowd size and with bolstering his image as a popular politician.

Samantha Bee on Trump's Miami, Ireland, Scotland resort corruption (VIDEO).  Slate Magazine

Trump is "funneling more money into his pelican jowls" via his resorts, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Yes, Donald Trump really believes he is 'the chosen one'  CNN

In the midst of answering a question about the ongoing trade war with China on Wednesday, President Donald Trump turned from reporters, looked to heavens ...

Judiciary panel issues subpoena on Trump's alleged offer to pardon DHS officials  POLITICO

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security for documents connected to President Donald Trump's ...

Trump appears to taunt Iran with tweet that raises concerns he disclosed classified information  CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump claimed Friday that the US had nothing to do with the explosion of an Iranian rocket Thursday, tweeting a photo of ...

Economy scares and ISIS resurgence cloud Trump's 2020 pitch  CNN

Washington (CNN) A sudden cascade of events is challenging President Donald Trump's boasts of an unprecedented American winning streak that is a critical ...

Trump Flirts With $15 Billion Bailout for Iran, Sources Say  The Daily Beast

Trump says he hates the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran. But he's toying with a French proposal to get the Iranians to comply with it: a $15 billion line of credit ...

The Marker of an Authoritarian  The Atlantic

Trump insists on editing reality to conform to his own needs—if necessary, with a Sharpie.

Congressional Democrats plan to launch inquiry into Trump’s alleged role in scheme to silence affair accusations  The Washington Post

House Democrats plan to make President Trump's alleged involvement in a 2016 scheme to silence two women who claimed they had affairs with him a major ...

Trump's plan to pay for border wall with Air Force funds risks national security, report says  NBC News

Trump's plan to pay for his border wall by taking funds from Air Force military construction projects poses various national security risks, per a new report.

Why Has Trump’s Exceptional Corruption Gone Unchecked?  The New York Times

Drain the swamp” suggests that all political corruption is the same. It isn't, and the distinctions matter.

Trump’s ‘chopper talk’ puts media on the defensive  POLITICO

It was another bravura performance of “Chopper Talk.” The latest iteration of President Donald Trump's signature news conferences in front of a thwapping ...

Trump’s plan to stem border crossings gets results  POLITICO

President Donald Trump's plan to force Mexico to stem the flow of migrants across the southwest border of the U.S. appears to be working. Border arrests, a ...

Donald Trump's Gun Policy Team Includes a Former Gun Lobbyist  The Daily Beast

Michael B. Williams was on a call with key senators Wednesday to discuss a way forward on gun control. Previously, he was a lobbyist for the American ...

Democrats, Stop Helping Trump  The New York Times

How important do Democrats think it is to beat President Trump in 2020? Obviously, most Democrats would say it's vitally important. Four more years of the ...